KEGS Survivors

Content warning: testimonies may contain mentions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical and psychological abuse, rape, blood, pain, coercion and resultant trauma including self-harm, and mentions of suicidal thoughts.

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Latest Testimonies

Testimony 157

I started in KEGS in as a year 7 and stuck through to year 13 and I cannot condemn enough the blatant culture at KEGS especially pre-y12 that objectifies women and girls, bullies LGBT students and perpetuates racist remarks. I will not pretend that I was ‘one of the good ones’ and that I haveContinue reading “Testimony 157”

Testimony 156

I went to a mixed comprehensive school before going to KEGS in 6th form. Many of the stories about students and parties are similar enough to things experienced at my mixed comp school, so unfortunately this is a much broader issue than just KEGS. However I think the real problem is with the adults inContinue reading “Testimony 156”

Testimony 155

Initially I wasn’t going to write anything but I have found myself going through the eloquent and deeply troubling testimonies of so many others that I felt compelled to share my experiences as well in spite of the very thought of the place predominantly making me feel a sensation of cold dread. I started KEGSContinue reading “Testimony 155”


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