Testimony 2

One of the boys was especially strange in the ways in which he perpetuated rape culture at KEGS. This boy was disgusting. He would openly talk about how he would target ‘fat, ugly girls’ for sex because ‘they have low self-esteem, so they let you do more’. He blackmailed numerous girls in our year and I know there were numerous accusations of rape against him, though none of them ever were taken to court by any individual I don’t think. He would also make disgusting comments in form time regarding women’s vaginas and how flaps should look, etc. In terms of his treatment of me, it was very odd. Soon after I joined the school, he would message me on Snapchat, saying he had a free house for the weekend and he wanted to invite me over for that period of time for sex. I would say no because I didn’t know him like that and we weren’t friends. What further made it strange was that he never ever spoke to me or made eye contact even in school. It was further strange that, after a night spent in jail over a dropped harassment charge from somebody else, he then began messaging me again. This time, he was complaining that he hadn’t had sex in ‘7 days’ because of his court case issues and he was begging me to help him out. Again, we were not friends and I was so desensitised to this sort of behaviour at KEGS that I didn’t even feel that threatened. It was just bizarre. Since then, he’s also blackmailed and intimidated a lot of my very good friends and is known to intimidate younger girls in clubs now (pre-Covid times) into sleeping with him.

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