Testimony 3

In just one of the assaults that I experienced at KEGS, one of the boys groped my bum in the sixth form centre. When I yelled at him and said this wasn’t okay, he laughed at me. This was in front of a whole crowd of people, mostly boys, and not one person stepped in to help. The day after a member of the sixth form died, I was crying hysterically in the sixth form centre and was being comforted by a friend. The same boy chose this moment to come and grope my bum again. In addition to this, he was make inappropriate comments about my physical appearance, saying things such as ‘you’d be a 10/10 if not for the size of your nose’. He would then try to grab my nose off of my face. I did not ask. This same boy was also open about the fact that he desired porn that was incestuous in nature and also openly spoke about watching bestiality porn. It was a well-known ‘meme’ that this boy had anger issues and it was frankly worrying watching his whole ‘friend’ group compare him to a school shooter on a daily basis. A number of these so-called friends confided to me with complete sincerity that they believed that if this was America, this boy would have carried out a mass shooting by now. This boy was also known to grope multiple other girls from both CCHS and KEGS non-consensually.

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