Testimony 48

*not a testimony* I am a male student from kegs in middle school and the students from years 7-11 all need to be taught on consent and just basic human respect. I’m in year 10 and i’ve only had one lesson on consent in my whole time in the school, which was the tea consent video, which really just puts consent in an unserious manner. Boys in year 7-9 are not innocent, and they develop extremely misogynistic objectifying views due to the lack of education the school provides. Many of these younger students “rank” female students (from experience) and view them merely as sexual objects. Throughout my whole time at kegs there has been nothing regarding comments on women that are regularly made by students that need to be addressed. If kegs even decides to address the issues of the school and sexual assault, it’s likely only older years will be addressed, but all the years including the lower school need to be addressed as they are part of the problem. Recently regarding the sarah everard case, a VERY large majority of students have a very misogynistic view on the case, and many oppose the statistic of 97%, and there are so many rape jokes. Overall the only way for KEGS to stop the rape culture in the school is to provide education from the start from younger years, even when students are deemed “too young”

[kegs survivors have posted this because it speaks to the culture that exists in the school and importantly highlights the view of male students]

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