Testimony 23

I believe that much of the trauma I have experience at KEGS in the form of verbal comments was enabled due to the misogyny the environment breeds in which the boys only listened to and respected the other boys. For example, when I was in year 13 in a English Lesson a fellow male student stated that I had a speech impediment and that I sounded like a cartoon character. When I said I did not he didnt believe me and continued to ask me if I realised that I had a speech impediment and spoke weirdly. He then pestered three other boys whilst the class was in silence and asked them if they agreed with them. I realised that when I had told him not to be rude and that I was really affected by the comments he paid no attention, it was only when the other boys said stop that he finally did. This same boy had done these comments before and had never paid attention when I made it clear I was not laughing along, but would only stop when other boys told him.

Similarly, certain boys have made comments about the way I looked (calling me clapped, ugly and my teeth horrible), the way i spoke and anything I did. They would also send memes or photos of me on their groupchats and emotionally manipulate me by acting like a friend and telling me weeks after. Due to the pack mentality a lot of these boys had it was often impossible for me to tell them that I did not appreciate it as they would dismiss it or make it like I was being sensitive. I often noticed how it took a band of girls to strongly tell them to stop over weeks and months but they would still not pay attention. It was only when other boys would step in that they would quiet down rendering me without a voice or ability to stop it. I believe these experiences of verbal comments which lasted over two weeks and upon leaving left me unable to interact with men without intense anxiety and self-hatred was based on misogyny. They chose not to pay heed to my words or my fellow girl-friends words telling them to stop but only respected each other as men, which is harmful.

Furthermore, within the teaching body a certain [subject removed] teacher has notoriously had a negative impact upon the girls. Personally I have experience anxiety in his class due to his favouritism for the girls and intense intimidation tactics on the girls. He would not pay us any attention nor make us feel supported if we did not understand. He enjoyed subtly laughing at us if we messed up and only chose to interact in a positive manner with the boys.

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