Testimony 27

i went to cchs and suffered almost a year from sexual harassment from a kegs student. ive never spoken up about this but i would like my story heard in some way. my friends and i were close with a group of kegs boys and almost formed a friendship group until one of the boys would always touch me inappropriately whenever we met. i didn’t think much of it and just brushed it off as him being annoying but as time went on i grew more and more uncomfortable. this happened for a few months and when it came one day where i was walking with him to school and he would show me a different path leading me to different places. he said he just wanted to ‘chill’ before school as we were always early and i didn’t mind. until he took my phone and started it hold me down, grabbing tight onto my neck. he did many awful things to me that day, which i wouldn’t want to go into much detail. but i left that place feeling used and dirty and i am still scarred to this day. even writing this i am so disgusted with not only myself for not speaking up soon but with our society today. how boys are not called out for their actions. what’s worse is there friends know what they do and don’t speak up about it either, thinking it’s ‘not that deep’ or acceptable. ever since then i’ve been bullied and shamed for it. people calling me a hoe or a slag but when i try to deny or share my story, i get mocked or laughed at. and i live each and every day with ptsd thinking what could i have done to stop that. there are many people like him in KEGS walking around freely and i am so disgusted.

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