Testimony 29

I was a sixth form female student at KEGS and during my two years, I faced multiple incidents which highlighted the derogatory way in which some KEGS boys would speak about or act towards the girls.

– KEGS boys seemed to attach a girl’s worth based on her appearance; the “prettier” the girl was, the “skinnier” she was or whether she had a “nice” body meant, in general, that that girl was treated better. For example, a girl in my year who, according to some KEGs boys, did not fit this “criteria” was subjected to constant comments and ridicule about her weight and the way she looked and often whole groups of boys would take turns “roasting” her.

– There was a group chat between a group of KEGs boys, and one boy was asking his friends which girls he should “link” in order to gain popularity, and he asked his friends to rank various girls out of 10 based on her appearance and according to how popular she was and how popular he’d be if they dated. Lewd comments were made about the various girls’ bum, body, leg and breast shape and size.

– KEGS boys would constantly comment on girls’ bum sizes. The bigger the girl’s bum size, the more “respect” that girl had. This often extended to the younger female teachers as well.

– Constant comments about the way girls looked. For example, one KEGS boy ranked me a 7 out of 10 saying he did not think I was very pretty and that I was overrated. He also commented on the size of my forehead saying that my hairline was receding. Another KEGS boy commented on my weight and said I was fat. Another KEGS boy said that when I took off my glasses, my eyes were really far apart. It made me so self conscious to the point where I always had my blazer on, especially when standing up and walking around as it covered my bum and body, I decided against contact lenses and I always had my hair down.

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