Testimony 31

Going to an all girls secondary it took a while to adjust to being in an all boys environment and I think because of that I let a lot of things go thinking that I was the one who was out of place and what was happening was normal. I think one of the things that shocked me the most was the behaviour of the boys in the younger years who would make inappropriate comments as you walked through the corridors. Honestly, this was a shocked because of how young the boys were, it was mostly always boys in the lower school rather than year 10+. Personally, I think the students need to be taught the importance of respect towards women as well as the importance of consent, because yes consent is extremely important, but i feel it is not emphasised enough how on a day to day basis what is appropriate to say to women. I can remember comments from boys in the sixth form like “I’ll just grab her by the vagina” or “doesn’t matter I’ll make her like it” all said ‘jokingly’ but as someone who has experienced sexual assault it was really worrying that this way of talking was normalised, especially amongst friends where no one seemed to have an issue.

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