Testimony 37

One instance that made clear to me the lack of comprehensive understanding surrounding consent within KEGS was an experience I had with one of the boys. This was a boy who had been told that he was being abusive in his relationship with his girlfriend. This should not have been happening if he had already had a comprehensive education surrounding what abuse is and what it looks like. To his credit, he began reading around this issue in what I would hope to be efforts at self-improvement. Nonetheless, there was an incident two years later that indicated to me that perhaps he’d learned nothing at all. I had really quite low self-esteem at this time due to general abuse I had personally experienced throughout my time at KEGS and I had chosen this boy for company. Though he never really acted in an untoward way towards me specifically, it troubled me deeply his reaction to a scene in a movie. It was Wolf of Wall Street and there’s a quite famous scene I think, wherein Leonardo DiCaprio starts to have sex with Margot Robbie. She’s screaming no and that she doesn’t want it, even as he’s already inside of her. Eventually, she ‘gives in’ and seems to enjoy it from that point onward. But that’s still rape – she still said no while he was having sex with her. This boy didn’t agree with this perspective at all, which really really makes me worry about any girls that he might have sex with and what he’ll perceive as ‘fine’ when it is in actual fact rape. What’s troubling is that this boy was very open to talking about sex all the time with his ‘boys’ group in the sixth form centre when we were still in school, so I know that his opinions are ones that I likely commonly shared within that whole friendship group.

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