Testimony 39

I won’t lie to you guys there was a whole rape case in my year at Kegs, and though I understand that it wasn’t at the school and there was little the school could do about it. However the way the school went about it, the girls were isolated and made to feel like it was their fault and they had done something wrong, by the whole toxic society that we all know KEGS has. Whereas the boys continued to be treated as kings, as Kegs boys always are no matter what they do. Theyre always treated better than the girls, not believed, more babied, more looked after. That incident really separated KEGS, it seperate the boys and the girls and the staff and the students and the general consensus a lot of us got was that the Kegs boys, as kegs boys could do nothing wrong and honestly continued to live life as if nothing had happened. If you believe this is all heresay here’s an exact example there were boys and girls involved in my form, after the incident occurred, one of the girls in my form moved to another form whilst the boys involved stayed. They were treated as if nothing had happened and they definitely haven’t learnt from the whole experience because of how KEGS treat them.

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