Testimony 45

While at KEGS I was made to believe that sexually manipulative situations were normal. With a boy from KEGS, there were multiple occasions where I would say no to something, whether it be sex in a park, sending nudes, or sex in general. On certain occasions I did not feel comfortable doing these things, or sometimes I just didn’t feel like it (which is completely normal and acceptable). When I would say no, I was made to feel bad and was told that these were normal things that everyone our age did. This happened multiple times and has now completely changed the way I perceive sex and men. It worries me that this boy thinks what he was doing was acceptable. I really hope he never behaves like this with a girl again. Within KEGS there is a culture within some of the boys that is disgusting and totally unacceptable. They are not taught the difference between what is right and wrong, or maybe they just choose to believe that they are always right.

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