Testimony 47

I’ll never forget the day a teacher called me in to tell me that my nudes had been shared round KEGs. My nudes had been sent round a group chat of students 2-3 years older than me. One boy 3 years older than me had even downloaded and saved images of me to a hard drive. Nothing happened to any of these students – instead it was all treated as a ‘misunderstanding’ as I allegedly ‘shouldn’t have sent them in the first place.’ It makes me sad when I look back, because I thought that this happening was my fault, as it happened to so many girls I knew. I understand completely that I shouldn’t have sent these pictures – but that was NOT the problem. Teenage boys are more than aware that it’s offensive and illegal to share these images and should be reprimanded appropriately. Maybe if more boys faced consequences, less boys would treat women with such disrespect.

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