Testimony 55

I was in year 9 when I was coerced into sending sexual images of myself to a much older KEGS boy. He would beg and plead until I gave in and then save them to his phone without my knowledge. He then showed me that he saved them without my knowledge, but would only delete them if I performed sexual acts on him. The images were circulated nonetheless, and I experienced ruthless bullying and acquired the reputation of a ‘slag’. More boys in the same year would subsequently message me, begging me for pictures and doing a “count down”, where they would text 10…9…8… with the intention that if I didn’t send before they got to 0, my nudes would go on Twitter.

For my remaining years at CCHS, I genuinely believed it was my fault. I sent them and I reaped the consequences; I deserved the tormenting and slut shaming (which was equally done by the older CCHS girls- especially online). I now realise I was a victim of sexual coercion and bullying. I assume those who did it have matured now, and harbour no animosity towards anyone, but just wish people would understand the implications this has on a fourteen year old girl’s self perception and mental health.

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