Testimony 57

This happened after I’d left KEGS, in my final year at university. I was at a party in London to celebrate a friend’s birthday and the whole group were my KEGS school friends.

We were sleeping next to eachother on the floor after our night out, at our friend’s student house.

I was quite drunk and I was falling asleep in the Uber on the way back. We all laid on the floor together and shared blankets and instantly went to sleep.

I was either half asleep or was woken up by the realisation that someone was touching me.

The guy next to me (who was a KEGS boy who I’d been good friends with for years) thought I was asleep and started touching me in intimate places and trying to kiss me. I was half asleep and I tried to push him off and he carried on. I kept telling him to stop – I was very tired and confused and a bit unsure what was happening. He grabbed my hand and made me touch his erection and that’s when I pushed him away from me and told him to not touch me again and that I would tell my brother (who was sleeping next to him on the other side) if he did it again.

No one else was awake and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was still really drunk and overwhelming tired so I feel back to sleep. He was still next to me. I’m not sure what happened to me when I was asleep.

I confronted him on text about it afterwards and he apologised. I’m not sure whether he recognised it as sexual assault or just though I’d rejected him.

I’ve had sleepovers with him and our other friends after parties, etc. It makes me worry about what may have happened on other occasions when I was fully asleep. It’s really scary and violating to think about.

However, when I told the other KEGS boys about what had happened they were horrified and asked what they could do about it. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and understanding response.

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