Testimony 59

Reading these testimonials made me want to come forward about my story and how common over 80% of these horrible stories are.

I look back at my time at KEGS and did not enjoy even 1% of the social aspect of it. Came out of sixth form with depression, anxiety and even experienced horrific things after leaving KEGS. Just to state “a few” of the things I personally experienced from these KEGS boys:

1) Both times at charity ball I was in a relationship and minded my own business throughout those two years. However, I was constantly subject to comments, groping, rude and sexual remarks about my body. At CB, I was just dancing and getting myself a water and turned around to see someone groping my ass just because it looked good in my dress. Happened both times. Crying to my other friends, my boyfriend, staff were even there seeing it and nothing was done.

2) At one particular party when I was in Year 13, I went and saw so many people whispering when I arrived and laughing and looking at me. When I went over and asked one girl what was going on, to my dismay I had found out that a KEGS boy had placed a bet (a full money bet with his friends) on how quickly he could get me to sleep with him and how easy I looked because I was wearing a dress

3) After leaving KEGS I still experienced such horrific events. Went to someone’s party for their birthday. One of the boys got super wasted, which is never an excuse, and I was just trying to my make my to the bathroom when I was taken into a room for a chat and they tried to kiss me drunk. I pushed them off saying no but this word is clearly meaningless to many of these boys. Continued to do so until I had to physically intervene and run to my friends. The next day getting a hundred phone calls and the story had turned on me and people thinking I tried to come onto this boy because he was too embarrassed I would speak up first and say the right account.

4) During my first few weeks at KEGS I was very new to the whole studying with boys and honestly being friends with them having gone to an girls school. I got asked if I wanted to grab a coffee with one of the boys and I genuinely understood this as a friendly thing, however it was taken in a different light by the boy. Because they could not swallow their pride when I tried to clear up this was a purely friends situation, they then proceeded to make up nasty rumours about me (3 weeks into year 12) and spread horrible lies about me to everyone. My reputation was tainted even before I could make friends.

5) I experienced consistent abuse from my ex from being yelled at for wearing dresses, to simply talking to my guy friends, to even being slapped because a guy approached me at a party once and even though I pushed them away it was still my fault because I shouldn’t have been looking like that for them to come over.

These things are normalised by the boys and honestly it makes me sad to read these testimonials and see that so many girls have gone through similar events.

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