Testimony 61

When I was at KEGS, a sexual themed meme was made about me and circulated on a group instagram account, for everyone to see. I barely knew the boys who made it, I had never spoken to them. They seemed to think it was acceptable and hilarious to make this disgusting post. When I saw it I was so shocked, and was even more shocked at the fact that other boys at KEGS seemed to find it very funny. I was so scared to come into school the next day, as I knew the looks I was going to get. I never received an apology from the boys who made it, and I can guarantee that they would never own up to it. It astonished me then and still astonishes me now that some of the boys at that school find derogatory and disrespectful behaviour acceptable and funny. What scares me even more is that some of the boys who went to that school will read these testimonies and not understand the issues being spoke about and the seriousness of the wider problem. They may send screenshots of the testimonies to their group chats, where they will make a joke of these extremely serious experiences.

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