Testimony 64

I can’t lie, I used to think my time at KEGS was good and fun and I made really good friends until I saw the true side to them and saw what my other friends went through.

I’ve experienced off the bat so many awful things from the boys at KEGS, starting with abuse, sexual remarks, and various comments about my looks all because I was a girl that they could comment these things on. Just to name a few of my experiences in hope that those who read this will never do this to anyone let it be a boy or a girl.

1. I remember when I was in 18, my friends and I went to a party for someone’s birthday and it started off fine. A few hours in, someone tried to approach me to ask for directions to the bathroom and they came up close to my ear because it was loud. This was then taken as I was somehow cheating on my boyfriend and his friends started ridiculing me. I got yelled at, shouted at, called horrible things by him and his friends, slut shamed, called disloyal. Even got badly hit after this event all because of a misunderstanding. After explaining my side of the story, I was just told sorry, well you shouldn’t have been wearing that otherwise they wouldn’t have approached you. My friends felt They couldn’t do much nor did any of the KEGS boys that were there. I was then consistently called a slag or a slut by people I thought I was close to, all because no one bothered to really hear my side of the story. And it was all okay because they said “sorry.”

2. Throughout my time in sixth form, any party or something we went to as friends, I’d be subject to so many KEGS boys either commenting something sexual or even to the extent of groping me because they thought it would be laddy to do so and get few fist bumps from the guys. To the point where guys even bet money with their friends to see whether they could get with me or sleep with me and if I said anything in return “it’s just a joke relax.” The amount of times I’ve heard that phrase from a guy’s mouth. I remember one time in the Darwin centre I was sitting with my friends, and one of the boys come over and randomly asks me what my bra size is. They look super “juicy” and “tempting.” But it’s fine because it’s just a joke. This was in school in front of all my friends.

3. One thing I’ll never get over is how the KEGS boys are favoured so much over the girls and how perfect they are and they can never do anything wrong. There was one time when a few boys and I got into trouble (won’t say won’t to remain anonymity) and it was not a serious thing that we did at all. We were not first hand involved with the issue or even second hand however, just by standers that got caught in the middle. However, after the teachers spoke to all of us, only I got suspension whilst every single boy and I mean every single boy got let off because they had important interviews and sports tournaments coming up. Whereas I got phone calls to my parents, letters sent and judged by staff really badly for something I didn’t even do. Even after the boys argued and threw tantrums, were aggressive towards the teachers to help themselves I still got into trouble and they were viewed as the golden boys.

4. Even after leaving KEGS, I still experienced the whole fact that these boys could not handle the word no. From being forcefully kissed at parties when they’re drunk and having to accept it because that’s what drunk guys do. I went to stay at a friend’s flat one night because I didn’t have my keys and I went with my uni friend as well. I was abruptly woken up by my uni friend where she tells me that this boy is kissing me in my sleep. I confront him and he just says she’s lying. I felt so uncomfortable that we had to leave in the middle of the night. Another guy asked me out after my time at KEGS and I very respectfully said no, and this then went onto me somehow being fully slut shamed, all my personal stories that I had shared with this person being told to others, me being labelled a whore for going on other dates and various other rumours and lies being spread. All because they could not take “no” as answer.

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