Testimony 65

I was a student at KEGS Y7-13. I learnt early on that the best way to stay out of trouble was to largely isolate myself, so I didn’t personally experience the worst of what went on. Even so, nothing in the testimonies published so far particularly surprises me.

I remember being pressured to join in rating CCHS girls on a scale of 1-10 and declining. I remember the rumours about someone in my year committing sexual assault. I remember successive girls from CCHS being the butt of classroom jokes in Y7-11 with no intervention from any member of staff. I remember thinking, as many of those who’ve written testimonies did, that this was simply how teenage boys were.

Talk of consent didn’t exist. The provision of sex education at KEGS was completely woeful and did nothing to challenge the prevailing attitudes towards women (or LGBTQ+ people). As a gay man, I was barely even taught that people like me exist, which says something about how little effort went into the whole exercise.

As many have pointed out, the staff did almost nothing to intervene.

I’m not surprised to learn that certain people left KEGS with the view that they could get away with doing whatever they wanted. What shocks me is how little of it I noticed at the time, despite how blatant the behaviour in some of these testimonies has been. It emphasises how important it is that the school take responsibility for how toxic the culture there has become.

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