Testimony 72

On my very first day of school, a boy told his friends that I had got with him a few years before. I hadn’t and can honestly say I did not know this person having not attended CCHS before sixth form. One of the few friends I had at the school messaged me to tell about about it – although it wasn’t supportive but rather accusatory. As though I had betrayed trust. It was common knowledge who made up this lie about me but he received no repercussions and in fact continued to be especially nasty and cruel to me for the entire year. He essentially turned on me on that very first day because I had simply told the truth and many people seemed to believe I was either a liar or a bitch for doing so. His excuse since (which he told one of my friends) has been that he was cruel to me because he didn’t like my boyfriend which doesn’t even make any sense because his slander had started weeks before I had met my then-boyfriend. The apology was insulting in itself as it goes directly over my head because he clearly can’t bring himself to “explain” or apologise to my face. I was scared at that sixth from my very first day and this small story just speaks further to the overall sexist and victim blaming culture at the school.

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