Testimony 73

In year 9, a boy in my form set about to pursue something with me whilst he was (and still is) in the closet. Started off as notes in class saying ‘meet me at [place] and [time]’ which i would throw away. However it developed to the point where he’d leave notes in my locker everyday and was getting angrier with me that I wouldn’t come, this went on for a year until we changed forms but after tens of unsolicited nude photos from a fake instagram account, he did pressure me to send him one back to “make him leave me alone:” my thought process, aged 14. Because I ignored him, he threatened with them to ‘out’ me unless I gave him money, so I decided to come out myself. Told a teacher and it was dealt with really well, I have to say. The misogyny of these boys is so deep rooted that it can suppress sexuality for many years, which ultimately manifests itself in homophobic attacks like this. Think about the time a year 13 made two much younger boys kiss whilst threatening to break their glasses.

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