Testimony 79

I was part of a group chat with a friend and her younger brother’s group of friends where we would play video games. The majority of the group chat were boys from KEGS.

It was an innocent concept and I came to know some of the boys as my friends. However, as time progressed, my female friend and I started being asked intrusive sexual questions, which made us both extremely uncomfortable. I was also targeted for sexual harassment (e.g: they would say they had sex with me out of the blue), although I don’t really know the full extent of the comments because they were often deleted after a short period of time.

I also saw that a lot of them made racist and homophobic “jokes” and said slurs, but when another member of the gc tried to educate them on why they shouldn’t say these things, they made fun of him and continued with their behaviour anyway.

There was also an ongoing incident where a boy would constantly make sexual comments about one of the other boys’ older sister. It was to a disturbing extent – he apparently had a folder on his computer filled with screenshots of photos from her instagram and other pictures that she was in. He would post pictures of her frequently and objectify her. When I told him to stop, he said that it was a “joke” with the intent of making the girl’s brother uncomfortable. The same boy made explicit comments about one of his female teachers.

As more and more of these incidents took place, I cut myself off completely from the gc. Looking back, I feel guilty for not leaving sooner. I think I became pretty desensitised to the way they acted and I only realised the red flags once I read the testimonies.

There were one or two boys who were the exceptions, but it’s sad to think that even at a young age the majority of them exhibited this kind of behaviour. If they continue to hold the same mindsets that they had the last time I spoke to them, I dread to see what kind of people they will grow up into.

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