Testimony 80

*not a testimony* As a KEGS student from year 7-13, the idea of objectifying females was prominent from literally the first day of joining. One of the first topics of conversation was about “who’s your favourite pornstar” for example (as a 12 year old). At the time I wasn’t very social (and wasn’t until year 10/11) so I thought it was just normal topic of conversation. The more I think about it, the more I realise the impact of porn on teenagers especially if they’re introduced to it from a young age. On top of this, in my 7 years I’ve only had TWO sex-ed session and that was only for an hour each, even then it didn’t emphasise the whole idea of consent as clearly as some social media posts do. In year 12 I started dating and had my first relationship and this news spread like wildfire throughout the whole year group and within a week or two, nearly everyone that I had known since year 7 came and started asking us about it. What was more surprising was that this one group of people in my year, that I hadn’t spoken to for at least 4 year at the time, came upto me during one of my free lessons and their first question was “Have you slept with her yet?” (Not even greeting me etc) to which I replied no cos I actually really enjoyed her company to which someone else in the group piped up and said “You definitely gave off small dick energy” then the whole group left laughing. Although stuff like that doesn’t affect me but it did affect my ex when I told her about what was going on after hiding it from her and waiting for all the commotion to die down. It just goes to show the level of pride and arrogance KEGS boys have as well as their attitude to females just because they go to a reputable educational institute or something.

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