Testimony 82

The feeling of walking into the sixth form centre was always very intimidating, knowing the comments that some of the boys would take it upon themselves to make about seemingly every girls appearance. As a female KEGS student I would constantly feel that I was being leered at in the Darwin centre, walking down corridors (especially when there was a queue of younger boys waiting to go into their class), and even across the classroom.

Boys in my year would identify girls with the sexual acts (ie referred to them as “cream pie” “rim job”) that they had allegedly performed on other KEGS boys and constantly discuss them.

They would make up other disgusting names to refer to girls they or their friends had slept with whose body part(s) didn’t fit with their unrealistic ideals (ie “burger nips”, “ham sandwich”).

They felt entitled to know the ins and outs of all of their female “friends” sex lives, constantly pushing for details and humiliating them in front of big groups, often making up details that the girl would refuse to give up and spreading these false rumours around. Even girls who had long term boyfriends (myself included) were subject to this sort of harassment.

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