Testimony 102

Before going to KEGS I was terrified about going to a school that was for the majority all boys, mainly for the reason it is a common stereotype that single sex schools produce students that do not know how to interact with the opposite sex. Unlike many of the people who have left testimonies, throughout my two years at the sixth form I did have a sex-ed lesson on the topic of consent. It was an informative and well delivered lesson that I believed fostered a safe atmosphere. Upon leaving the room however I heard a KEGS boy state “I don’t know why we have to bother with all the consent stuff anyway, it’s not like the girl would be able to do anything to stop us” and the whole group laughed, proceeding to discuss how “only guys that aren’t strong enough to pin the bitch down are the ones who need to ask permission”.

I remember vividly in my first week at kegs in year 12 watching a girl, her boyfriend and his friend in the study centre. The girl hugged her boyfriend before leaving and after she’d left the friend turned to the boyfriend and talking graphically about “giving her one” whilst pretending to hump the desk. The boyfriend laughed and then stated how “frigid” she was because she didn’t want to do anal. I felt so incredibly uncomfortable and immediately left to try and find the girl but she had already left the building.

Throughout the year I regularly overheard conversations about CNC [meaning consensual-non-consent, e.g. porn genre] (rape fantasies) and disgusting sexual “jokes” about female students and staff members, one particular example that stuck out for me was a group of boys talking about how they’ve always wanted to ‘gangbang’ a female teacher “since year seven”. These are the same boys beloved by male teachers, given the best references and predicted grades and who will now be part of get another ‘boys club’ at Oxbridge.

Just under a year ago I was sexually assaulted by a KEGS boy at a party while I had passed out from drinking heavily. I haven’t told anyone this because I know from the experience of friends that the regular low level sexual harassment we receive from the kegs boys will get worse and far more personal.

Unlike many of the cchs girls (who I feel intensely sorry for having to try and be friends with these boys), I have never been in very close friendships with the popular kegs boys. But that doesn’t prevent them from being disgusting, such as telling me I look like someone from the porn they watch to regularly making comments about my body and race in class.

Something needs to change, and all boys that are caught making “dark jokes” should be reprimanded because these are the same people who think racism, homophobia, sexual assault and harassment are ok.

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