Testimony 103

Where do I begin… I came into kegs from an all girls school, our male counterpart was right next door so I did experience gross misogynistic behaviour before arriving to KEGS but wow was there a lot going on. Once at a KEGS party I was with my (then) boyfriend and another KEGS boy came up behind me on a number of occasions and grabbed me. I felt like I couldn’t say anything because my boyfriend didn’t seem to care either. I genuinely thought that I should only have been upset if my boyfriend was… I know a number of occasions with friends of mine, or girls I knew entered into ‘relationships’ with boys who DID NOT understand what consent was, did not understand that it is SUPPOSE to be an enjoyable experience for both parties and that both parties should be comfortable and ready. On another note not specifically in reference to sexual assault, when I arrived to KEGS I found that literally no boy I encountered had any understanding at all of menstruation. I literally had to teach every boy I came across. I am luckily in that I was not ashamed of it (possibly from being part of a confident group of girls in my first school) so was fine talking about it in the common areas, but I know many girls in KEGS sixth form would not feel the same. There were so many red flags that I really didn’t notice at the time and I think it’s shocking that teachers could just stand by and not care, only giving an assembly related to sharing girls nudes, once a poor girl had to experience it, and still then, the boys knowing that they could do that and not be expelled or even suspended for their actions just perpetuated the issue. Something needs to be changed, there’s no excuse for ignoring these issues and assuming the school is not responsible for them.

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