Testimony 105

A student from KEGS who at the time was 18 had made advances towards me, I was 15. He made several attempts to convince me to have sex with him and at some point I gave in. He then went on to tell other people about it, resulting in me being slut-shamed and embarrassed partly by some of the older girls, no blame was directed towards him. Multiple times I would see him before or after school and he would approach me and try to convince me to have sex with him or do other sexual things with him, often in public places. One time he even tried to convince me to do stuff with both him and another male student who was his friend. Looking back, I realise I was young and didn’t see what was wrong with what was happening but the whole experience was not correct and other students attitudes towards it perpetuated the feeling that it was my fault and I should’ve felt ashamed.

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