Testimony 106

Whilst I loved my time at KEGS and actually preferred it to the ‘bitchy’ culture I experienced at CCHS I can list of numerous examples of sexism and sexual harassment I faced. My ‘concave’ boobs were constantly made a joke out of, so much so one boy decided to make a ‘jokey’ comment about this to a teacher. This thankfully was reported to the headmaster but I felt too embarrassed to really speak out against it. I then had a naked photo shared around the sixth form that was of a girl who looked similar to me, but was not me. Due to this I had lots of people slut shame me and make vile, judgemental comments about the photo. I never found out who initially shared this as ‘me’ and there were no repercussions. When standing outside of form one morning I had a year 9 boy walk up to me and slap my arse, with all his mates cheering him on and laughing. Thankfully one of my form mates (male) defended me but again, nothing came of this. Some of these experiences I do think maybe I should’ve reported it but I was always worried people would just hate me for it and see it as me having no sense of humour. I strongly echo the suggestion of improving sexual education for ALL years, and not just the standard ‘heres a condom’. It should include consent, discussion around pornography and how it is not like the real world, cover women’s sexual education too including their anatomy and debunking myths and taboo around menstruation, revenge pornography and how this impacts the victim, and explain sexual harassment is more than just rape. I also think there were numerous occasions where teachers overheard some of the inappropriate comments made towards me but didn’t step in as perhaps it made them feel awkward, and so perhaps educating teachers in how to handle these situations appropriately and effectively would be helpful.

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