Testimony 111

When I was in year 11, we had an end of year party at which I was part of a game of seven minutes in heaven (sounds so stupid now). The boy I was ‘in heaven’ with ended up going to Kegs the following year for sixth form. Within two weeks of the start of term, I started receiving messages from boys I didn’t know from Kegs asking all about what had happened between me and this boy during the game. Which, for the record, was nothing more than a small kiss. I quickly realised that there was a rumour spreading about me and this boy, that I had given him a hand job, later and blow job, and then slept with him at the end of the night. This rumour was spreading throughout my school and Kegs, with people I didn’t know, hadn’t heard of and have to this day have not spoken to calling me a slut. It completely ruined my friendships at school and in turn made my final two years of school an absolute misery.

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