Testimony 114

I wrote a separate testimony as well, but this is a different theme and I felt it was important to discuss.

Lad culture is extremely prevalent amongst the teachers at KEGS. I have seen male students bullied countless times for things such as having long hair, acting in a certain way, or even simply sounding the way they do when they talk and laugh. This will likely be moderated, but it has to be said that the [subject redacted] department is horrendous when it comes to this kind of thing. Almost every single [subject redacted] teacher that I have spoken to has been a complete displeasure to meet for this exact reason, and they perpetuate a homophobic and misogynistic atmosphere that stops any male internal student from being themselves. Other teachers do this as well, of course, but the [subject redacted] department is especially bad for it. Needless to say, lad culture leads to rape culture. It breeds misogyny, and only leads to bad things when KEGS boys end up interacting with girls in sixth form.

I genuinely, wholeheartedly, resent my time spent at KEGS.

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