Testimony 115

Although i did not attend KEGS myself, i have had and been witness to several bad encounters with a particular group of students at the school. After school, me and my friends would hang out with students as many of my close friends had transferred to KEGS for sixth form. I remember feeling very uncomfortable around certain students, due to the degrading and vile language they would use when describing female students they fancied or hoped to get with. I won’t include these conversations as i don’t want to reveal specific details or names, but it was very apparent to me, that they simply saw the girls as sexual objects, whom they could molest and manipulate.

However, these assumptions i had drawn together eventually became a reality for me, when i began attending a couple of the parties hosted by students. There was one bad encounter i had in particular, that stuck with me for a very long time because i felt as though my innocence and dignity had been completely violated. At this party i had become extremely intoxicated, so i was in a very vulnerable state. One of the sober boys approached me and began to trying to talk me into sleeping with his friend, who i was briefly seeing at the time. I refused to do so as him and the friend knew i didn’t want to loose my virginity as i had explicitly told them previously. He did not take no for an answer and eventually talked me into going into the room with the boy. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at first in my drunk state, because me and this boy were very close and there was a level of trust. Things began to escalate and i went along with it (because i was off my head)- Until he tried to have sex with me. I told him i wasn’t ready and he refused to get off of me. Luckily, people began knocking on the door at that moment, so the situation stopped, but after that we didn’t speak and i got the impression he was probably annoyed that he didn’t get what he wanted. The next day i had forgotten about the situation as i just assumed things escalated when i was drunk. However, i later found out from one of my mutuals at KEGS that numerous twisted, rumours had been spread about my role in this sexual encounter, just because i had refused to have sex with him. I didn’t even attend the school but yet pupils at my own school seemed to have heard about it. At such a young age i felt so humiliated and traumatised as i thought i trusted this boy, but there was little i could do, as spreading the truth would simply draw more attention to the situation. By staying silent, I hoped it would die down, but his friends also began posting memes about the incident on social media, to torment me, and someone wrote a remark about it/me on the back of a football shirt during a KEGS school tournament, to upset and humiliate me further.

This is just one small example of the ways in which particular students would use vulnerable girls, purely for their own sexual advancement and proceed to make their life HELL when they don’t get what they want or are unsuccessful in molesting them. Although the majority of the boys at the school are were very kind and respectable towards me and my friends, many stayed silent when i was being targeted and there was nothing i could do because i couldn’t physically defend myself as i was not a pupil. KEGS should be doing MORE to educate these boys and prevent these kinds of situations happening elsewhere. Schools have a huge role and responsibility to play in teaching the right values, and morals to their pupils, and clearly KEGS have failed to do so, as my experience is very minor in comparison to the trauma my friends have faced during their time at the school.

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