Testimony 83

I am writing this with a great feeling of sadness and of regret. Regret for the two years at KEGs that have been tainted with trauma and disillusion for so many of me and my friends. It is hard to accept that those years were stolen from us by such distressing events, that were so commonplace by the end of it all, that it took me until now to understand what damage it has left me with.

I will keep this testimony short, as for the most part I would just be repeating the experiences recounted by the other brave voices on this site. But, I will take one example the most personal to me, to summarise the perpetuation of rape culture at KEGs.

I attended a party in year 12, along with the boyfriend of one of my best friends. I was told by her to watch out for him while he was drinking. In the queue for the bathroom, when I was too drunk to really understand what was happening, he was pressing himself hard into the back of me, with his hand on the underneath of my jeans. I went into the bathroom to get away and he followed me in and closed the door. I told him to get out while I went to the toilet. In trying to get him out, he held me against the wall, trying to kiss my neck and undo my jeans. I pushed him off and managed to get him out of the bathroom. I was lucky that he was drunk enough that he had not enough strength to hold me back. I barely told her at the time because I felt guilty. He went on to do far worse to her and other people.

At the time, I viewed myself as a sexual object, because that is how I felt I would be valuable and loved by others. From day to day commentary on my body, to trying to navigate the rape of my best friend as I was sitting holding her head as she passed out on my sofa, I challenge anyone to deny the existence of rape culture at KEGs

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