Testimony 84

Throughout sixth form, one of the [subject removed] teachers who is a member of the [specific detail removed] would constantly belittle his students. People would be afraid of his class because of this. During his lessons he would pick on me often – a fact of which the entire year group noticed and would often sympathise with me.  He had clear favouritism for the boys and would joke and laugh with them, ignoring and intimidating the girls when they spoke up. His classes had a big impact on how I saw my academic ability as he made me feel as though I was not a good student. This fear led  me to become socially isolated as I often spent the time before lessons revising for his class, making sure I knew the answers properly so he had no chance to pick on me. I became distant from people and I also stopped eating lunch as I felt like I had to make sure his lessons went perfectly. This led me to have a disordered eating pattern and impacted my wellbeing. I would often have panic attacks before or after his class which made my school experience suffocating and filled with fear.

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