Testimony 85

In my first week of joining KEGS 6th form, I had about countless people come to me saying “oh *** said that he’d bare back you” or “*** said that he’d fuck you”. Sometimes it would be things like “he said you’re fit but you’re too dark”, or other disgustingly backhanded ‘compliments’.

When I was clearly uncomfortable by these comments, some being directly from the guy and others being from their friend, they would always say “oh that’s a compliment” or “what can you not take a compliment?”

In one of my classes, the whole row of boys behind me were some of the most disruptive in the year, and they would change up who was sitting directly behind me from class to class. They would flick my skirt up, touch my hair, pull my chair up to them etc. When I came to class late once, they convinced the teacher to make me sit with them on their row. Even though I protested, the teacher joked around with them and said I had to as punishment for being late. They made my sit in between the three of them, and carried on with touching my legs, pulling my chair over to them, all during class while the teacher just laughed with them.

Once when just sitting in Darwin social, I was working when a boy in the year above came over to me and asked me if you could ask me survey questions for his EPQ. I agreed, and he sat with me while his friends sat at the table across from us. He then proceeded to ask me extremely uncomfortable sexual questions, sometimes as innuendoes so I didn’t understand and was confused because thought he was being genuine when he asked me to answer questions for his EPQ. All his friends kept laughing, and one came over and put his arm around me saying things like “oh you don’t have to tell him if you give good blowjobs you can just show me”. When I told my guy friends about it afterwards, they just laughed and told me that it was a joke.

I have countless other stories from my two years at KEGS so I truly hope the school hears us and actually holds themselves and their students to account.

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