Testimony 86

This website means so much to me as someone who has genuine trauma from attending KEGS. The Sixth Form was highly degrading and had an incredibly toxic culture, with boys rating girls on their looks on the first day and girls constantly looked down on for being dumb regardless of their intelligence. The students had no respect for women at all and saw them as objects, and I was asked highly inappropriate questions about my sexual history by boys I rarely knew on several instances. Almost every girl I know who attended this school was manipulated or assaulted by the boys in some way, as they had no awareness of culture and attitudes outside of the concentrated misogyny that was pervasive throughout KEGS.

Some members of staff (one in particular, and many students will know who I am talking about) held extremely degrading views, automatically holding women to lower standards and proudly telling them that they could would never achieve anything and would not go anywhere in life, whilst they responded to boys who were struggling academically with a much more comedic attitude. Some of the degrading and horrific comments by teachers and students led to me cutting on a regular basis and it destroyed any self confidence I had, taking years of pills and therapy to build back.

Overall, KEGS needs to learn to support its students and care for their wellbeing rather than prioritizing status and performance. Constantly putting students down and supporting toxic competitiveness rather than using positive reinforcement and actually listening to their students has left many damaged for life and I truly hope that KEGS can change.

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