Testimony 89

So a few months back my brother (year 10) informed me that one of his friends had been borderline stalking me for the past few months. I questioned him further and he revealed that he had folders of pictures of me saved on his PC. I was obviously shocked by this seeing as I had never spoke to this boy before, but that wasn’t even the worst part.

I decided to ignore him as it didn’t really affect me, but around 2 weeks later my brother told me that he had now decided to make an OnlyFans account under my name. This included my phone number, university, full name and pictures of me. Once i found this out i had had enough and went to the school. They told me that they would be punished for this and the OnlyFans page would be taken down.

I caught up with my brother recently and he told me that he was in fact not punished for his actions. This shows why KEGS boys have no respect for women, as they suffer no consequences.

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