Testimony 126

I have previously submitted a testimony, but this is something more direct that I would like to add separately. This is not an issue that should result in merely more support for girls, such as an email from the headteacher sent to just the sixth form year groups, i.e. the only ones with girls in. You cannot ask ‘everyone to reflect’ if you aren’t including other year groups (that are also repeatedly mentioned as perpetrators), or even sending the correct website address to parents.

As a girl, I do not want to go back to school and be told all the things I need to do differently, because the fact is that none of us have done anything wrong. This is not our fault and we should not be the ones expected to modify our behaviour. All boys, years 7-13 need to be reprimanded and/or educated.

A message to fellow victims: I hear you and you did not deserve what happened or is happening to you. I think we’re all going to try that bit harder than usual to keep an eye out for eachother. So stay aware of the girls around you at the station, outside of school, in lessons and in the social areas. Even if you do not know them well, check in with them if they look uncomfortable and we shall do the same. As women (or male victims), we will always be better at spotting the signs, but now we just need the bravery to talk.

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