Testimony 118

On the first day of year 13 at KEGS, I remember constantly overhearing the boys in my year talking about the new year 12 girls and who the fittest and who they would ‘bang’. I can guarantee that a lot of the year 13 boys were thinking the same thing on that day. This was a horrible thing to hear as a girl, as I knew how awful it felt to be objectified based on the fact I was female. That school produces some boys who have the most horrendous mindset, how could they think it was acceptable to judge/rate younger girls solely based on the way they look. This horrible judgement continued throughout the time we were in year 13. Clearly these boys have little to no interaction with girls before sixth form, so they seem to think it appropriate to act in such a disgusting way when they do come into contact with girls. It really worries me that after leaving KEGS, these boys will have continued to act in this way, making girls feel belittled and objectified. This is just one example of disgusting behaviour that I witnessed whilst at KEGS, but I could detail countless other examples, both that have happened to me, and that have happened to others. This school has a serious problem.

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