Testimony 119

Where do I begin. I have so much to say but I’m going to try keep it short and list to the public what the boys in KEGS do.

But I must admit, though it is mostly their fault, I think this disgusting way of speaking to women is a result of them not having spoke to a single girl outside their family until sixthform.

Consequently they get a bit excited and with the lack of education from the school itself, they let out their “sexual urge” in sixth form.

In my current PSHE lessons, we do a lot useless things most of the time, and we have so many “revision session” instead of PSHE, where they could be teaching the boys more about how to conduct themselves.

-A boy in year 13 loves talking to younger girls.

-One boy in year 12 has this opinion about the women movement “can they just shutup, they only care because its trending, and they think it makes them look cool. they’re just seeking validation from other people. they start caring about this when everyone posts it on their story.”

-At a party, a KEGS boy constantly kept harassing me at a party constantly asking to do sexual things with me, though I constantly kept denying, and he knew full well that I was drunk and not in the correct state of mind.

-They always joke about women having no rights and how we have to get back to the kitchen and they all have a chuckle about it, but it’s really not funny.

-After constant begging for nudes off a girl, they showcase it to their mates in order to make themself feel like a man.

-They showcase the fact they did stuff with a girl, but in the background works, they begged and constantly beg the girl.

-They all make it their business to know about you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. -Kissing a boy apparently makes you a whore

-They think we are softies and cry babies because we have an issue with them harassing us.

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