Testimony 121

I was physically assaulted by a KEGS boy in Year 9 when on a group outing with mutual friends – I hadn’t done anything to provoke him and I remember feeling utterly terrified as my friends tried pulling him off of me. When I finally got free, I was stunned but I remember asking him why he did that to me, because nothing so violent had ever happened to me before and I was so confused. He said it was because I was a fucking slut; literally hadn’t even had my first kiss. I was “lucky” in a lot of ways – I had witnesses, and I was supported by my school but it was an ongoing case for months afterwards – I was anxious all the time, wondering if I was making a big deal out of it and it lowered my self esteem so much. When I was commuting back home from school so my friends and I would move to the other end of the platform if one of us saw him, which I would do for years after the incident. My dad took me to kickboxing classes for a year afterwards to learn self defence, but in a lot of ways I felt like I had to carry the burden of that incident and work to prevent it from ever happening again. Seeing the other testimonies has helped me understand the wider culture at KEGS because for so long I didn’t understand why this boy thought I was a slut and deserved to be hurt.

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