Testimony 122

I would just like to speak out about certain [information redacted] boys at KEGS who are posting awareness about this page and the sheer amount of hypocrisy that comes with it. I know some boys posting awareness about this page mean well, however the majority, that are speaking out about sexual abuse and rape culture at KEGS are being extremely hypocritical. I know certain boys at KEGS Sixth Form, being a CCHS student myself, that have actively sexually assaulted and objectified girls from my school and other neighbouring schools around Chelmsford. These boys out posting about awareness and ignorance in the KEGS community are the SAME boys who have sexualised and verbally abused me and other girls in the past. I know fair well that these boys have come up to me and my friends on the train, urging us to do a “strip tease” for them and then proceeding to call us “unfuckable slags” when we declined their horrifying advances. And yet they’re the ones being labelled as saviours for speaking out against a prevalent issue when THEY know themselves that they have assaulted and used girls as sexual objects, only for them to be discarded when they are no longer needed. These sickening boys have used homophobic slurs in the past and used diminishing terms intended to degrade and slut shame women, from sexualising minors to body shaming female members of KEGS Sixth Form. These boys deserve to be held accountable for their actions whether they be in the past or the present and I know many girls at CCHS, myself included that have been personally victimised and fallen prey by this particular group of Year 12 KEGS boys and their despicable actions. The hypocrisy and ignorance at KEGS is indeed real.

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