Testimony 124

I am a bisexual male who attended KEGS through Year 7-13.

I am disgusted to see that the majority of people who bullied me throughout sixth form, male and female, internal and external have shared this website, without having ever apologised or even acknowledged the pain they caused me. I experienced levels of homophobia that have had a lasting and damaging effect on my mental health and am still struggling with during my time at university, where people are much more understanding.

Homophobia is just as much an issue as rape culture at KEGS. As well as being sexually assaulted by *multiple* students while at KEGS (again both male and female), which I do not feel comfortable writing about the specifics of incase I am identified and bullied further for, I was a victim of homophobia for years. Like many others I struggled to understand my sexuality throughout my time at KEGS, and was mocked for this when I tried to open up to people who I thought were friends, removed from certain groups and called names such as bum-boy, faggot etc. As well as rumours of my private life being spread by people who never even spoke to me.

If you are reading this then think about your time at KEGS if applicable and hold yourself accountable. I became a part of this culture and made inappropriate jokes on occasion, and hold myself responsible, but to see the people who tormented me throughout sixth-form sharing this page and acting innocent disgusts me and has reminded me of my personal struggles.

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