Testimony 127

I was a girl in the 6th form a long time ago. I don’t know when it stopped but when I attended they used to hold an annual ‘slave auction’ (this was an actual school event that happened in the main hall – absolutely blows my mind now and I’m ashamed I even took part in it). Me and a small group of girls were ‘bought’ by a class of year 8 or 9 boys who proceeded to sexually harass us for the rest of the day. We had to sit with them in their lessons whilst they constantly made sexual comments and tried to make us kiss each other. I remember in the lunch break they wanted to play bulldog or something similar and basically chased us down, knocked us to the floor and dry humped us. This was all under the eyes of teachers. Although it didn’t feel right, I wasn’t really aware at the time what was happening and it just felt like ‘normal’ KEGS stuff – I’m really sad to read from so many not much has changed.

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