Testimony 129

it’s quite shocking to see the amount of testimonies on this site and i’m appalled. but i thought why not add mine into the mix, and hopefully someone can sort these KEGS boys out.

i am a year 11 pupil at cchs and have not only experienced but witnessed assault, harassment and rape from the boys at KEGS. this incident was at a house party where one of the boys in my year was trying to finger me when no one was looking. i’ve always been quite quiet in these sort of situations as i never know what to do. you could say that was my fault but trust me if i could have prevented it i would; i just froze up and didn’t know what to do. he led me to his room and forced me into ‘performing for him’. it was really weird and i obviously refused which got him mad. i could see the psychoness in him as he bent me over and raped me.

i don’t like to speak about this much and it was quite hard however i’m being brave enough to come forced and speak out as i know there are many more girls out there who (even tho this is anonymous) still won’t come forward due to being scared of being found out.

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