Testimony 130

Having joined KEGS a bit later than everyone else, naturally i was made to feel nervous. Nonetheless, despite of the attention and cat calling from younger students as I made my way into school. instantly there were a group of ‘boys who showed warmth and consideration to me. However, this was short-lived until a party on the third friday back at school. The same boys would keep checking if I was drunk and together like a pack of dogs attempt to take me to the bathroom. I do not drink and could look after myself but after this party i removed myself from all social dynamics with such people. I didn’t think too much about what had happened because it wasn’t real sexual assault and I had always felt fine about the incident. However, upon seeing certain prefect and [redacted] boys posting on their instagram stories to raise awareness about said things, it shattered my heart- the hypocrisy within people, to know their true intentions and then to post on about ‘ what can we do to help? ‘ WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? The entitlement of those Essex boys must be enabled at home and school and the lack of self awareness within some of these people at that school is terrifying. Not all the boys at KEGS are bad eggs but a lot of them are not the white knights you think they are, just because they smile and talk well, they assume they are

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