Testimony 140

It saddened me to find this webpage, but unfortunately it wasn’t a surprise. I agree with some of the other testimonials as this behaviour wasn’t from all the guys, but for some of the KEGS boys it seems like they were never able to escape the misogynistic mindset they picked up at KEGS.

After meeting up with some friends a year or two after we had graduated from university, I was surprised to hear one of my friends bragging about how popular he was at the [information redacted] school he now taught at. Considering he taught [information redacted] students, I was shocked. If [underaged] girls are throwing themselves at you, I would assume you would be running, not loving the attention.

Surprise surprise, at a later party with the same group this same guy cornerned me, took his shirt off and proceeded to lay on top of me and try to kiss me. I was in a living room, staying over to wait for the first train home, but considering I had previously said no sharing the living room with this person in this first place, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

After I turned my face, he eventually rolled off of me, looking sheepish, but never apologised. Not surprisingly we are not friends anymore, I don’t even hang out with the group as there were times I tried to discuss this with other group members and got shot down.

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