Testimony 141

I want to make it clear that there are some lovely boys I’ve made friends with from KEGS but unfortunately the KEGS mentality fosters a very intimidating culture.

There are many testimonies that have covered a lot about the culture but there are two incidences I’d like to highlight.

3 days after I stopped dating one KEGS boy his supposed best friend asked to have sex with me. I had just lost my virginity, and I felt like once this happened, I was perceived as ‘fair game’ for a lot of the boys. After I rejected him, he told me he could ‘always make me’ and then went on to spread rumours about my genitalia. I felt so humiliated, which is ridiculous really because I had nothing to be humiliated about. This then worsened, with boys commenting on my sex life in front of teachers and would ask very graphic questions.

Another incident that has stuck in my memory is when I was in a school play. Not only did I feel bullied day to day by the teacher directing the play, but after a 3 hour rehearsal I was given one single piece of feedback: ‘That dress looks great on you’. All the boys that acted were given constructive feedback; it was such a shame that my hard work was reduced to my how my clothing looked on me.

I think sadly, there are many incidences that I almost became numb to and seemed part of my normal school life.

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