Testimony 142

A couple of years ago i was at a party with KEGS boys, when one harassed me. I barely knew him, only that he had dated one of my friends. He came up to me and asked me to go upstairs with him repeatedly. After i told him that i didn’t know him and didn’t want to, he kept begging and trying to persuade me, saying “we could get to know each other”. I tried to get to the bathroom as a way out, but he had me pinned against the wall outside the bathroom door, trying to kiss me and touch my bum. I could not move. The hosts mother was nearby and told him to get off of me but he refused. She then had to get the hosts father to come and pull him off me. No one ever spoke about this incident after it happened or asked if i was okay, though many saw it happen, and i feel like this is a prime example of the lack of respect these boys have for women and see them as objects they can use. Both of us were drunk, but i don’t think this sort of behaviour is acceptable intoxicated or not.

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