Testimony 146

It was common knowledge that the boys would rank us by how fit we were, discuss our bodies and the sexual acts we had done. There was also a fair amount of slut shaming from other girls, something that unfortunately often goes hand in hand with rape culture. The teachers would also discuss how girls dressed, I remember all the girls being kept behind in assembly and told off because apparently there had been complaints from the public about the uniform. At the time we were told to consider ourselves lucky that we weren’t forced to wear A line skirts. When I did wear an A line skirt to school, following this assembly, the boys began talking about my bottom. The attitude from teachers around this was very much that girls would dress inappropriately and that was the route of the issue. I remember one male teacher saying something like ‘ girls get away with really short skirts because male teachers don’t know how to speak to them without getting embarrassed,’. Things were always phrased so as to blame the girls.

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