Testimony 149

I went to KEGS 2006-2013 and it is only now with the clarity of hindsight that I can see how such a dangerous culture was perpetuated in this institution. Off the top of my head, I can think of the charity “slave” auction, transvestite netball and charity ball speeches. These things are not isolated incidents of individual wrongdoing. All of these events must have been given the green light by staff at the time, which sends the message that this kind of behaviour was not only acceptable but in fact encouraged.

As a cohort of KEGS boys, we were taken aside on the first day of 6th Form and given a speech that what we saw as “banter” was seen as “bullying” elsewhere. This further demonstrates the view that what had happened for the prior 5 years of our education was ok as “boys will be boys” and that is just the way KEGS was.

Spending 7 years at KEGS no doubt means I am a product of this environment. It deeply saddens me that I went to a school which not only allowed this kind of behaviour to happen but seemed to develop this toxic culture. There are countless examples of stupid and awful things that were done at school. I think it is extremely important the institution which allows these structural problems to persist, reflects on why it is so rife and hopefully responds in a way fit for the 21st century.

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