Content warning: testimonies may contain mentions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical and psychological abuse, rape, blood, pain, coercion and resultant trauma including self-harm, and mentions of suicidal thoughts.

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Testimony 157

I started in KEGS in as a year 7 and stuck through to year 13 and I cannot condemn enough the blatant culture at KEGS especially pre-y12 that objectifies women and girls, bullies LGBT students and perpetuates racist remarks. I will not pretend that I was ‘one of the good ones’ and that I haveContinue reading “Testimony 157”

Testimony 156

I went to a mixed comprehensive school before going to KEGS in 6th form. Many of the stories about students and parties are similar enough to things experienced at my mixed comp school, so unfortunately this is a much broader issue than just KEGS. However I think the real problem is with the adults inContinue reading “Testimony 156”

Testimony 155

Initially I wasn’t going to write anything but I have found myself going through the eloquent and deeply troubling testimonies of so many others that I felt compelled to share my experiences as well in spite of the very thought of the place predominantly making me feel a sensation of cold dread. I started KEGSContinue reading “Testimony 155”

Testimony 154

i have no idea why boys arent given the care they need. i was abused by girls when i was young and made fun for it. Women and men are equal, and we should be helped and treated the same way.

Testimony 153

I’m currently in Year 12. Reading these testimonies has made me reflect on some of the things I’ve seen and heard during my time at KEGS. Bear in mind that these are a few anecdotes collected over 6 years, and KEGS isn’t comprised of just bullying and “lad culture”. Many boys throughout the whole schoolContinue reading “Testimony 153”

Testimony 152

I remember encounters with one internal boy. I remember at the time thinking that he was ‘relatively ok for a kegs boy’, as I heard and overheard far worse situations, dynamics and encounters about other pupils. This boy (who was brown) asked another internal boy (who was black) for an ‘n word pass’ in exchangeContinue reading “Testimony 152”

Testimony 151

I remember starting at KEGS and it was rocky from the beginning. At week 2, I was pulled up to the front of the class and told off for having “an attitude”. I was shouted at by my male tutor who told me “don’t roll your eyes at me!”, of which I was completely oblivious.Continue reading “Testimony 151”

Testimony 150

The boys at the school simply didn’t understand or appear to have ever thought about women’s issues. Firstly, the boys who had been internals told us that they’d honestly had about 1-2 SRE lessons. They simply didn’t understand the concept of women’s body autonomy or how women shouldn’t have to use their body to pleaseContinue reading “Testimony 150”

Testimony 149

I went to KEGS 2006-2013 and it is only now with the clarity of hindsight that I can see how such a dangerous culture was perpetuated in this institution. Off the top of my head, I can think of the charity “slave” auction, transvestite netball and charity ball speeches. These things are not isolated incidentsContinue reading “Testimony 149”

Testimony 148

I attended CCHS for years 7-13 and left a fair few years ago. The stat that 97% of girls have experienced sexual harassment at some point in their youth is not merely a KEGS problem, it is an issue of deep rooted misogyny and male domination in society, but I think the problem is worseContinue reading “Testimony 148”

Testimony 147

My boyfriend at the time, a kegs boy, pressured me into sex with him and would frequently do this when he was substantially more sober than I was. There was no education on sex and alcohol beyond ‘ If someone is passed out don’t have sex with them.’ It wasn’t until years later that IContinue reading “Testimony 147”

Testimony 146

It was common knowledge that the boys would rank us by how fit we were, discuss our bodies and the sexual acts we had done. There was also a fair amount of slut shaming from other girls, something that unfortunately often goes hand in hand with rape culture. The teachers would also discuss how girlsContinue reading “Testimony 146”

Testimony 145

I was sent the link to this website by a couple of friends I went to KEGS with, years ago now. All three of us girls joined in the sixth form – new school, we knew no one. We met in art class and we do have great memories of art trips away to ParisContinue reading “Testimony 145”

Testimony 144

I attended KEGS between 2003 and 2010. It had a bullying culture which was thriving, creative and so omnipresent it verged on the religious. It was more powerful than any individual, and more powerful than the teaching staff. Upon reflection there was a certain inevitability to that. KEGS was male, Essex-based, filled with hyper-creative peopleContinue reading “Testimony 144”

Testimony 143

I was a KEGS student from years 7-13. I have read every testimony from a belief that every story deserves to be heard and should be listened to. I have been shocked at the number and severity of the accounts. In the days since reading these accounts, my thoughts have been dominated by recollections ofContinue reading “Testimony 143”

Testimony 142

A couple of years ago i was at a party with KEGS boys, when one harassed me. I barely knew him, only that he had dated one of my friends. He came up to me and asked me to go upstairs with him repeatedly. After i told him that i didn’t know him and didn’tContinue reading “Testimony 142”

Testimony 141

I want to make it clear that there are some lovely boys I’ve made friends with from KEGS but unfortunately the KEGS mentality fosters a very intimidating culture. There are many testimonies that have covered a lot about the culture but there are two incidences I’d like to highlight. 3 days after I stopped datingContinue reading “Testimony 141”

Testimony 140

It saddened me to find this webpage, but unfortunately it wasn’t a surprise. I agree with some of the other testimonials as this behaviour wasn’t from all the guys, but for some of the KEGS boys it seems like they were never able to escape the misogynistic mindset they picked up at KEGS. After meetingContinue reading “Testimony 140”

Testimony 139

I am a heterosexual male who started in 2003 and left in 2010. Reading these testimonies has made me reflect on my own time there. I can certainly corroborate the negative culture that ‘outsiders’ must have felt, and indeed, I was complicit in it. I will speak about homophobia, bullying, and harassment of girls. OtherContinue reading “Testimony 139”

Testimony 138

Reading these testimonies was an extremely scary experience. Being a student in the lower years, as well as sixth form, I came onto this page fully expecting it to be filled with just the one event I was aware of, and hundreds of complaints about horny year sevens, and nothing much more. How wrong IContinue reading “Testimony 138”

Testimony 137

I’m a guy that went to KEGS from Year 7-13. In Year 7/8 (I can’t remember the exact year), there was a particular boy, who I had to sit next to in lessons, who would constantly grab my private parts under the table. It was reported to the school and the teachers handled it well,Continue reading “Testimony 137”

Testimony 136

I went to KEGS for sixth form a long time ago, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable to look back on. The boys had no idea how to interact with girls properly, and we were seen not as equals but as definitely sexualised ‘other’. Being new to the school I didn’t know anyone, andContinue reading “Testimony 136”

Testimony 135

I joined KEGS as a girl in the sixth form some years ago. It’s been so heart-breaking reading through other people’s experiences and seeing that so little has changed since my time there. When I rejected one of the boys in my cohort, he and 2 of his friends set out to make my lifeContinue reading “Testimony 135”

Testimony 134

I was a girl at KEGS from 2010-2012. It was so clear that sexual attractiveness equated to popularity, and girls were constantly discussed in terms of their desirability, often in graphic detail. Even when girls were achieving on par and above the standard of their male counterparts, they were rarely mentioned in terms that wereContinue reading “Testimony 134”

Testimony 133

At our Charity Ball, I along with other girls had my sexual exploits read out over the microphone as part of the yearly roundup, and I was described as desperate and easy. These were things I had shared with other girls who I believed to be my friends, but who had evidently passed the informationContinue reading “Testimony 133”

Testimony 132

Indeed there is an underlying issue with regards to sexual misconduct that exists in KEGS and I suppose many other schools. Often these things manifest themselves in relatively mild situations. I had an incident of unsolicited touching and then threats to do it again later without consent. I have also seen situations in which confidentialContinue reading “Testimony 132”

Testimony 131

I am a bisexual man who attended KEGS years 7-13 and honestly just the amount of unwanted touching from both boys and girls at the school was horrible. I often had people grab my bum (or, in one particularly egregious event, grab my crotch as part of a hug) and while none of the girlsContinue reading “Testimony 131”

Testimony 130

Having joined KEGS a bit later than everyone else, naturally i was made to feel nervous. Nonetheless, despite of the attention and cat calling from younger students as I made my way into school. instantly there were a group of ‘boys who showed warmth and consideration to me. However, this was short-lived until a partyContinue reading “Testimony 130”

Testimony 129

it’s quite shocking to see the amount of testimonies on this site and i’m appalled. but i thought why not add mine into the mix, and hopefully someone can sort these KEGS boys out. i am a year 11 pupil at cchs and have not only experienced but witnessed assault, harassment and rape from theContinue reading “Testimony 129”

Testimony 128

It’s been hard to read all of the testimonies because it’s shone a light on all the casual misogyny I encountered but shrugged off to fit in. It’s also be a relief to find that the unsettling and uncomfortable feelings I had felt a lot throughout my time at KEGS was not irrational. I joinedContinue reading “Testimony 128”

Testimony 127

I was a girl in the 6th form a long time ago. I don’t know when it stopped but when I attended they used to hold an annual ‘slave auction’ (this was an actual school event that happened in the main hall – absolutely blows my mind now and I’m ashamed I even took partContinue reading “Testimony 127”

Testimony 126

I have previously submitted a testimony, but this is something more direct that I would like to add separately. This is not an issue that should result in merely more support for girls, such as an email from the headteacher sent to just the sixth form year groups, i.e. the only ones with girls in.Continue reading “Testimony 126”

Testimony 125

As an adult volunteer who worked with Kegs I can attest to the sexist and misogynistic commentary that was constantly directed at girls. I one attended an assembly to hear boys giving girls a number out of 10. I told a member of kegs staff who laughed and said it was part of the schoolsContinue reading “Testimony 125”

Testimony 124

I am a bisexual male who attended KEGS through Year 7-13. I am disgusted to see that the majority of people who bullied me throughout sixth form, male and female, internal and external have shared this website, without having ever apologised or even acknowledged the pain they caused me. I experienced levels of homophobia thatContinue reading “Testimony 124”

Testimony 123

KEGS has raised such dangerous boys and i’m so scared for the future girls that join the school. the [information redacted] boys in particular are awful. not a day goes by without an awful comment out of their mouths. i feel like prey when i walk to school with all their eyes staring at me.Continue reading “Testimony 123”

Testimony 122

I would just like to speak out about certain [information redacted] boys at KEGS who are posting awareness about this page and the sheer amount of hypocrisy that comes with it. I know some boys posting awareness about this page mean well, however the majority, that are speaking out about sexual abuse and rape cultureContinue reading “Testimony 122”

Testimony 121

I was physically assaulted by a KEGS boy in Year 9 when on a group outing with mutual friends – I hadn’t done anything to provoke him and I remember feeling utterly terrified as my friends tried pulling him off of me. When I finally got free, I was stunned but I remember asking himContinue reading “Testimony 121”

Testimony 119

Where do I begin. I have so much to say but I’m going to try keep it short and list to the public what the boys in KEGS do. But I must admit, though it is mostly their fault, I think this disgusting way of speaking to women is a result of them not havingContinue reading “Testimony 119”

Testimony 118

On the first day of year 13 at KEGS, I remember constantly overhearing the boys in my year talking about the new year 12 girls and who the fittest and who they would ‘bang’. I can guarantee that a lot of the year 13 boys were thinking the same thing on that day. This wasContinue reading “Testimony 118”

Testimony 117

I was pressured into sending nudes by someone at kegs and after I repeatedly said no he manipulated me into feeling like I owed him the pictures this was also after he had tried to touch me and I had asked him not to but he still did it saying that it wasn’t his faultContinue reading “Testimony 117”

Testimony 116

I joined KEGS as an external boy in 2017. In the first few weeks, someone was having a pool party to which people were invited. I recalled a girl who joined with the rest of us externals saying that she couldn’t wait to judge every boy’s body at the party to see who was theContinue reading “Testimony 116”

Testimony 115

Although i did not attend KEGS myself, i have had and been witness to several bad encounters with a particular group of students at the school. After school, me and my friends would hang out with students as many of my close friends had transferred to KEGS for sixth form. I remember feeling very uncomfortableContinue reading “Testimony 115”

Testimony 114

I wrote a separate testimony as well, but this is a different theme and I felt it was important to discuss. Lad culture is extremely prevalent amongst the teachers at KEGS. I have seen male students bullied countless times for things such as having long hair, acting in a certain way, or even simply soundingContinue reading “Testimony 114”

Testimony 113

I am in year 13, and I have been a student at KEGS since year 7. I have always been shocked by the outwardness of my peers when discussing sexual matters. In classes and general discussion, porn was frequently discussed especially in younger years, and I would be asked questions such as “who is yourContinue reading “Testimony 113”

Testimony 112

I went to another local school and hated getting the bus home knowing there would be KEGS boys there, so much so I would wait the extra hour and a half for the next bus. I always felt so uncomfortable being one of the few girls as well as non cchs/kegs students on the publicContinue reading “Testimony 112”

Testimony 111

When I was in year 11, we had an end of year party at which I was part of a game of seven minutes in heaven (sounds so stupid now). The boy I was ‘in heaven’ with ended up going to Kegs the following year for sixth form. Within two weeks of the start ofContinue reading “Testimony 111”

Testimony 110

I was groped at charity ball whilst my back was turned to take a picture. I looked around to see who had done it but nobody owned up. The boys I was with were all my friends and i was really confused by why they had done it but nobody acknowledged what had happened orContinue reading “Testimony 110”

Testimony 109

A KEGS boy who had slept with my friend at a recent party told me that he had taken a revealing photo of me whilst at the party in an attempt to coerce me into sending nudes. In his words, he had ‘already seen it so I might as well send nudes’ . I repeatedlyContinue reading “Testimony 109”

Testimony 108

The culture at KEGS was super toxic, and I’m ashamed to say I often unthinkingly participated, mostly from feeling desperate to fit in and be accepted in what felt like a very closed environment. I’m a woman that came to KEGS in year 12 having attended a mixed secondary school beforehand. I have a strongContinue reading “Testimony 108”

Testimony 107

Once one of the boys told me that he found me really fit and that he wanted to have sex with me, this obviously made me very uncomfortable but that was just the ‘KEGS’ banter. In order to fit in a bit I joked that his parts would be too small for me to enjoyContinue reading “Testimony 107”

Testimony 106

Whilst I loved my time at KEGS and actually preferred it to the ‘bitchy’ culture I experienced at CCHS I can list of numerous examples of sexism and sexual harassment I faced. My ‘concave’ boobs were constantly made a joke out of, so much so one boy decided to make a ‘jokey’ comment about thisContinue reading “Testimony 106”

Testimony 105

A student from KEGS who at the time was 18 had made advances towards me, I was 15. He made several attempts to convince me to have sex with him and at some point I gave in. He then went on to tell other people about it, resulting in me being slut-shamed and embarrassed partlyContinue reading “Testimony 105”

Testimony 104

As many other cchs girls will know, naturally we were not exposed to as many boys as those at mixed schools and this meant the kegs boys were the closest male contact many of us had- mixed prom, discos and parties. Naturally as we entered the older years we were becoming more interested in boysContinue reading “Testimony 104”

Testimony 103

Where do I begin… I came into kegs from an all girls school, our male counterpart was right next door so I did experience gross misogynistic behaviour before arriving to KEGS but wow was there a lot going on. Once at a KEGS party I was with my (then) boyfriend and another KEGS boy cameContinue reading “Testimony 103”

Testimony 102

Before going to KEGS I was terrified about going to a school that was for the majority all boys, mainly for the reason it is a common stereotype that single sex schools produce students that do not know how to interact with the opposite sex. Unlike many of the people who have left testimonies, throughoutContinue reading “Testimony 102”

Testimony 101

The boys at KEGS deliver the most horrible opinions about women. Not all of them though! I see so many posts absolutely having a go at all the boys but some of them are so sweet! But there is still a larger proportion of boys with the mentality of a rapist. I have left KEGSContinue reading “Testimony 101”

Testimony 100

There is a current group of year 12s consisting of boys who have the most disgusting attitude towards women I have ever seen. It’s so disgusting that I go to CCHS, yet I have still heard about it. They talk about women in the most objectifying way, they talk about the things they would doContinue reading “Testimony 100”

Testimony 99

There was list boy made about what girl they would want to ‘bang’. That simply doesn’t need more explanation. The reality of kegs boys is always there.

Testimony 98

As a CCHS girl and a CCF girl, I’ve been in contact with many KEGS boys over the years and many of my friends went there from CCHS for the sixth form so I’ve become accustomed to the pervasive rape culture that’s being upheld by the school. My experiences, I can’t lie, I still sometimesContinue reading “Testimony 98”

Testimony 97

Some KEGS boys on a group chat made sexual comments about me that made me feel uncomfortable – things like “I would fuck her for sure” and other more crude words that I’d rather not say. It was a large group chat with 100+ people which made me feel worse. I didn’t complain to anyContinue reading “Testimony 97”

Testimony 96

Aside from the culture of rape at KEGS, the staff room conversations are definitely of utmost interest. From specific sources, and from teachers in the staff room, I have to come to know that they speak a lot about all of us students. Sometimes they speak about us in a derogatory way.

Testimony 95

When I was at KEGS a boy made horrible sexual comments about me on a group chat. I didn’t think about it too much because I knew it was something they did a lot and I tried not to let it get to me. There’s so many problems with this. Firstly I didn’t want toContinue reading “Testimony 95”

Testimony 94

when i was in year 8 a year 9 boy would take me to the near cathedral and make me suck his dick

Testimony 93

my ex boyfriend of 2 years ago who went to kegs would force me to send naked pictures of myself to him. i felt like i had no choice. however when doing so, i found out that he would not open them until the morning so that he can show his friends on the train.Continue reading “Testimony 93”

Testimony 92

a disgusting KEGS boy called [name redacted] year 11 used to sexually assault and harassment me. we would go mcdonald’s together with a couple of mine and his friends. and he would whisper in my ears threats that if i didn’t do what he said he would rape me and do bad things to myContinue reading “Testimony 92”

Testimony 91

a couple months ago a ‘rating system’ was going on at KEGS about girls in CCHS. instead of them to be focusing on their education in lessons, they would all be chiming in to rate our faces and figures. some girls at my school reported this and were treated well by the teachers who tookContinue reading “Testimony 91”

Testimony 90

i hate coming to school now. Whenever i walk to the station or to school i feel so insecure. i see heads turn (and not in a good way) staring and judging my figure. i’ve began to wear oversized clothing, covering myself so none has anything to say, but why should i have to coverContinue reading “Testimony 90”

Testimony 89

So a few months back my brother (year 10) informed me that one of his friends had been borderline stalking me for the past few months. I questioned him further and he revealed that he had folders of pictures of me saved on his PC. I was obviously shocked by this seeing as I hadContinue reading “Testimony 89”

Testimony 88

It is common knowledge amongst the CCHS and KEGS community that there has always been an ongoing competition as to which KEGS member could get the most girls- particularly through oral sex. Having thought it was just our year which had this contest ongoing, after reading the testimonies it is clear that this sort ofContinue reading “Testimony 88”

Testimony 87

I was told by two friends that a group of guys in my year who i never talked to would woof and bark at me when I walked past them. I never knew about this and when I did during school I thought it might be a one off thing and so brushed it off.Continue reading “Testimony 87”

Testimony 86

This website means so much to me as someone who has genuine trauma from attending KEGS. The Sixth Form was highly degrading and had an incredibly toxic culture, with boys rating girls on their looks on the first day and girls constantly looked down on for being dumb regardless of their intelligence. The students hadContinue reading “Testimony 86”

Testimony 85

In my first week of joining KEGS 6th form, I had about countless people come to me saying “oh *** said that he’d bare back you” or “*** said that he’d fuck you”. Sometimes it would be things like “he said you’re fit but you’re too dark”, or other disgustingly backhanded ‘compliments’. When I wasContinue reading “Testimony 85”

Testimony 84

Throughout sixth form, one of the [subject removed] teachers who is a member of the [specific detail removed] would constantly belittle his students. People would be afraid of his class because of this. During his lessons he would pick on me often – a fact of which the entire year group noticed and would oftenContinue reading “Testimony 84”

Testimony 83

I am writing this with a great feeling of sadness and of regret. Regret for the two years at KEGs that have been tainted with trauma and disillusion for so many of me and my friends. It is hard to accept that those years were stolen from us by such distressing events, that were soContinue reading “Testimony 83”

Testimony 82

The feeling of walking into the sixth form centre was always very intimidating, knowing the comments that some of the boys would take it upon themselves to make about seemingly every girls appearance. As a female KEGS student I would constantly feel that I was being leered at in the Darwin centre, walking down corridorsContinue reading “Testimony 82”

Testimony 81

when i was at a party, a couple of boys from KEGS began groping me and a few other girls, i was forcefully kissed and then pressurised to have sex with them to which i repeatedly declined and managed to escape from the situation. when the boys were confronted about it, they claimed they wereContinue reading “Testimony 81”

Testimony 80

*not a testimony* As a KEGS student from year 7-13, the idea of objectifying females was prominent from literally the first day of joining. One of the first topics of conversation was about “who’s your favourite pornstar” for example (as a 12 year old). At the time I wasn’t very social (and wasn’t until yearContinue reading “Testimony 80”

Testimony 79

I was part of a group chat with a friend and her younger brother’s group of friends where we would play video games. The majority of the group chat were boys from KEGS. It was an innocent concept and I came to know some of the boys as my friends. However, as time progressed, myContinue reading “Testimony 79”

Testimony 78

I was with a boy who attended KEGS who was 16 and I was 14. Our relationship was very toxic and very controlling and badly impacted my mental health. When I eventually had the confidence to feel I could end things, the break up turned very nasty. We eventually blocked each other and moved onContinue reading “Testimony 78”

Testimony 77

First [subject removed] lesson in sixth form was with the, at the time, new young [subject removed] female teacher. One boy notorious for being a misogynist and had assaulted girls stated out loud how he found her really fit and would bang her. He would try to flirt with her which was evidently uncomfortable forContinue reading “Testimony 77”

Testimony 76

I vividly remember going to a party where the KEGS boys were betting on who could kiss the most girls in one night. It’s doesn’t sound as intense as some of the testimonies on here but considering the fact that we were in Y10, it shows how things escalate and how the boys at KEGSContinue reading “Testimony 76”

Testimony 75

My experiences as a Black woman were horrible and I am still recovering. I have a particular memory etched into my memory of a teacher walking up from behind me and proceeding to stroke and touch my hair without my consent, I felt very uncomfortable and moved my head away instantly and she laughed andContinue reading “Testimony 75”

Testimony 74

There were a group of boys who I met on NCS, different year group to me, who would later see me walking home from school and follow me home. I would ask them to stop and to leave me alone and stuff but they thought it was funny and would keep going by my sideContinue reading “Testimony 74”

Testimony 73

In year 9, a boy in my form set about to pursue something with me whilst he was (and still is) in the closet. Started off as notes in class saying ‘meet me at [place] and [time]’ which i would throw away. However it developed to the point where he’d leave notes in my lockerContinue reading “Testimony 73”

Testimony 72

On my very first day of school, a boy told his friends that I had got with him a few years before. I hadn’t and can honestly say I did not know this person having not attended CCHS before sixth form. One of the few friends I had at the school messaged me to tellContinue reading “Testimony 72”

Testimony 71

Can remember a guy bragging about looking up a young teacher’s skirt. “I could see her panties” were his exact words.

Testimony 70

On my first day at KEGS Sixth Form the girls were separated from the boys in the Darwin Centre for a gender specific welcome speech to the sixth form; that on its own is an odd thing to do. It was explained to us that “KEGS banter is what is known as bullying in otherContinue reading “Testimony 70”

Testimony 69

When I look back at my time at KEGS, the memories are predominantly negative, which is sad because I met so many talented and kind individuals there. Simply put, the environment at KEGS was toxic and honestly, I was counting down the days until it was over. Academic competition was very unhealthy, and perfectionism wasContinue reading “Testimony 69”

Testimony 68

I’m a guy who was at kegs sixth form. During a party, a girl tried to give me a couple drinks and I declined, however I could not stop what followed. the girl took me into a room and forcefully kissed me and also touched me which was extremely uncomfortable. This was sexual assault yetContinue reading “Testimony 68”

Testimony 67

I consider myself a strong person. I hate myself for letting a [subject of teaching redacted] teacher make me cry for his repeated and consistent undermining of me and the two other women in my class. Even the [gender of staff member redacted] pastoral staff would agree that this teacher was a sexist, but wouldContinue reading “Testimony 67”

Testimony 66

My rape was incredibly public, it happened at a party when I was blackout drunk, I only remember parts of the event and I broke down crying after and was throwing up in the bathroom. I thought that the boys were my friends and I can honestly say I truly loved and cared for them,Continue reading “Testimony 66”

Testimony 65

I was a student at KEGS Y7-13. I learnt early on that the best way to stay out of trouble was to largely isolate myself, so I didn’t personally experience the worst of what went on. Even so, nothing in the testimonies published so far particularly surprises me. I remember being pressured to join inContinue reading “Testimony 65”

Testimony 64

I can’t lie, I used to think my time at KEGS was good and fun and I made really good friends until I saw the true side to them and saw what my other friends went through. I’ve experienced off the bat so many awful things from the boys at KEGS, starting with abuse, sexualContinue reading “Testimony 64”

Testimony 63

During my time at KEGS I was hurt emotionally after sleeping with a girl after being told that I was of insufficient quality. I didn’t even consent to the whole thing and felt I was not at all ready but after being coerced into it to my demise she said “does your dick even work”Continue reading “Testimony 63”

Testimony 62

In comparison to many of the testimonies on here, my experience was mild, but looking back three years later it still makes me very uncomfortable. In Year 11, my group of friends began speaking to one particular KEGS boy, who was well known for having tried to hit on almost every girl in our yearContinue reading “Testimony 62”

Testimony 61

When I was at KEGS, a sexual themed meme was made about me and circulated on a group instagram account, for everyone to see. I barely knew the boys who made it, I had never spoken to them. They seemed to think it was acceptable and hilarious to make this disgusting post. When I sawContinue reading “Testimony 61”

Testimony 60

A boy in the year above me during the first week of sixth form came behind me with his entire group as my friend and i were walking for lunch and kept asking me for my Snapchat and saying that he liked me. It was clearly one of those who can get the ‘ugliest’ girlsContinue reading “Testimony 60”

Testimony 59

Reading these testimonials made me want to come forward about my story and how common over 80% of these horrible stories are. I look back at my time at KEGS and did not enjoy even 1% of the social aspect of it. Came out of sixth form with depression, anxiety and even experienced horrific thingsContinue reading “Testimony 59”

Testimony 58

During my time at KEGS, I was subject to vicious bullying based off my appearance, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have faults (i.e I have a very large forehead). However this led to years of relentless bullying at the hands of my so called “friends”. People I thought I respected would mock meContinue reading “Testimony 58”

Testimony 57

This happened after I’d left KEGS, in my final year at university. I was at a party in London to celebrate a friend’s birthday and the whole group were my KEGS school friends. We were sleeping next to eachother on the floor after our night out, at our friend’s student house. I was quite drunkContinue reading “Testimony 57”


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